75th Convention, Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptist

Harrisonburg Free Will Baptist Church, Harrisonburg, VA

June 13 - 14

Thursday Morning

 9:30   Registration

10:15 Prayer

10:45 Break

11:00 Message: Enemies of Discipleship, Brent Patrick

           Music: Bruce Barnes

12:00 Lunch

Thursday Afternoon

1:00 Message: Essence of Discipleship, David Mizzell

         Music: Welch College
2:00 Enlistment for Discipleship through two Seminars:

         1) Discipleship through the Sunday School by Bruce Barnes

         2) Discipleship Tools by Randall House
3:15 Executive Board Meeting

 Thursday Evening

6:00 Registration
7:00 Business Session
         Welcome by the Host Pastor
         Welcome by the Clerk
         Introduction of Officers
         Appointment of Committees


                Registration & Credentials
         Adjourn to Worship
7:15 Message: Essentials of Discipleship, Richard Barnes

         Music by Host Church

Below are the convention messages and seminars on this year's theme: Discipleship.

"Enemies of Discipleship" (Part 1)

 BRENT PATRICK, Pastor: Gateway FWB Church, Virginia Beach

"Enemies of Discipleship" (Part 2)

 BRENT PATRICK, Pastor: Gateway FWB Church, Virginia Beach

"Essence of Discipleship"

 DAVID MIZELLE, Pastor: First FWB Church, Bristol

"Discipleship through Sunday School"

 DR. BRUCE BARNES, Promotional Director, Virginia

"Discipleship Tools"

 DAVID WOMACK, Randall House Publictions

"Essentials of Discipleship" (Part 1)

 RICHARD BARNES, Pastor: Providence FWB Church, Hampton

Friday Morning

 8:00 Registration
8:15 Prayer
8:30 Devotion: Don Hellms

         Music: Bruce Barnes (Instrumental)

9:00 Business Session

              Reading of the Minutes

              Report of the Credentials Committee

              Other Reports at Moderator's discretion

10:50 Break
11:00 Message: Examining Discipleship, Marty Puckett

           Music: Welch College
12:00 Lunch

Friday Afternoon

Moderator's Devotion: Paul Collins
1:15 Business Session


                     Executive Board

                     Promotional Director

                     Home Missions

                     General Board Member

                     Camp Jacob

                     Harvest Child-Care Ministry

                     FWB Home for Children

                     National Departments

                     Other ministries
               Old Business
               New Business
               Report of Nominating Committee
               Election of Officers
               Election of National Delegates
               Memorial Prayer
               Rising vote of thanks to the host church

"Essentials of Discipleship" (Part 2)

 RICHARD BARNES, Pastor: Providence FWB Church, Hampton

"Friday Morning Devotion"

 DON HELLMS, Park Lane FWB Church, Charlottesville

"Examining Discipleship"

 MARTY PUCKETT, Pastor: Mary's Chapel FWB Church, Wise

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