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January 2016

A Publication of Virginia Free Will Baptists

Each One Plant One

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JANUARY 31, 2016

January is the month for our special “Each One Reach One” church-planting offering. We need every family associated with the Virginia Free Will Baptist Association to help us reach our intended goal of $16,000.


We’re asking every FWB family in Virginia to give a one-time offering of $12.00; that’s equal to each family giving $1 a month for the entire year. Just this little sacrifice will go so far in helping the Virginia Missions Board better minister to the needs of our state church planters.


All pastors in the state have received handout materials to help promote the offering during January. But also available is a graphic as well as a video on the Virginia FWB website for anyone to download and use. In fact, everyone is encouraged to download these items and share with friends. The more we can get the word out, the more we can have participating.


Please do all you can to promote and to give to this worthy cause on January 31.


VA Pastor's Retreat

Virginia Pastor's Retreat, Feb. 26-27, 2016

Sponsored by the Northern Virginia Conference at Camp Rapidan Baptist Camp in Rochelle, VA


Only $50.00


Includes 3 meals, snacks, refreshments, and lodging (personal items and sleeping bag/bedding needed)


Registration due by February 1

Special Speaker

Rev. Tim York



Dr. Bob Brown, NORVA Clerk

12500 Chewning Lane

Fredericksburg, VA 22407



Dr. Bruce Barnes, VAFWB 

4846 Kempsville Greens Pkwy., #303

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


During the retreat, the promotional office is sponsoring a "break-away" meeting of all young pastors, associates, and youth pastors from Virginia (ages 40 and under). This is going to be a special time where these young men can get to know each other, to build friendships, and to build a fellowship network. In order to encourage this connection, the promotional office will fund the $50.00 cost for these  young men attending the retreat.

PR Need

Promotional Office Need

Your faithful gifts to the promotional office are greatly appreciated. For the first half of our fiscal 2015-2016 year, giving is down a little. This is a very important year for us, and your continued faithfulness is much needed.


I am thankful for a couple of churches which have committed to add the promotional office to their budgets in 2016 and others who will be having me to come for a promotional service. Also, a special thanks goes to the John Wheeler, Southwest Quarterly which recently began a quarterly memorial offering in the name of John Calhoon, a man who was clerk of this quarterly for over 50 years. They have designated this offering for the promotional office. The first offering was presented to me at their meeting on December 18 for $700.00. In like manner and for some time, the Central Conference has been taking a Bill Steele Memorial Offering with half of that designated for the promotional office. I am also thankful for the Tidewater Association and Northern Virginia Conference which provide consistent funds specifically to the promotional office.


One of our greatest needs in financial support is for our number of monthly Fast-Snackers to increase. We really need about 225 new Fast-Snackers. Help us pray these in, and pray that the Lord might use you to help in this great work. Support for the Promotional Office can be provided through online donations by automatic bank draft. Thank you for your faithful support for VAFWB Ministries.


Happy New Year?

Will it be a Happy

New Year?

Many people will begin 2016 with the making of a “New Year’s” resolution, but will the end result truly be a happy one? No doubt many of us will be disappointed at some later failure to maintain a commitment to lose weight, to exercise, or to hold our tongues. Regardless of our perceived victory or failure, I have to believe that trying is far better than not. The alternative is to be happy with an already understood lack of will for betterment.


Although frivolous promises are also fruitless, well thought out commitments to improve one’s life for Christ always brings an uplifting and promising spirit. All of our lives should be about resolving to be better for Christ so that we may do better for Him. And if the beginning of a new year helps push that to the forefront of our thinking, I believe this is a good thing. I would much rather fail at trying something than to be successful at attempting nothing. To attempt progress is taking the “talents” He has provided and making more of it for Him. To live a mediocre existence is to bury His provided “talent, “ and this approach will never be pleasing to Him.


As we begin 2016, let’s move forward with commitments to be all that He desires of us. With His Spirit and the help only He can provide, we will be more because we have allowed Him to have more of us.

Dr. Bruce Barnes, Promotional Director          Virginia Free Will Baptist Ministries                                                                             757-407-1183

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