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I am wholeheartedly convinced that Free Will Baptists believe in the gospel’s exclusivity: that no one can come to the Father but through Christ (John 14:6). I am equally persuaded that we need to take what we know and see its revival in our practice. The only way people will come to salvation is through Christ, and God has placed us as His ambassadors to minister reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Yet, of the many things we do in ministry, actual evangelistic efforts lag behind.

Over this unique past year, a few churches have grown and seen souls saved. But in the confusion of trying to find out how to minister in new ways, many churches lost personal contact with the lost. Once again, the need for the gospel must rise to a level of necessity. The church must “emerge” from these past days with “urgency” because the lost state of people is an “emergency!” No longer should we use shutdowns and governmental restrictions to suspend outreach efforts. Truthfully, there are so many avenues available, more than ever before in history!

As restrictions are lifting, we must avail ourselves of every opportunity to evangelize the lost. Some people might still feel uncomfortable with a visit, but there are other ways to reach them. With our vision of the need will come innovation for finding ways to reach them with the gospel. (This is not an advertisement for GRACE Outreach, but we can help with that if needed!)

Revival among God’s people is the enlivening of that which has grown lax. It is a spiritual, emotional, and repentant response agreeing with that which is known and backed up through practice. A true revival within us of the gospel’s exclusivity will indeed affect our practice: renewed efforts in evangelism!

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